Come for the cute bunny girl, stay for the inexplicable fanservice and visceral, bloody violence

This article is a part of AniTAY’s Summer 2021 Early Impressions series, where our authors offer their initial thoughts on the new, prominent, and exciting anime from this season!

Perhaps by deliberate design, or at least by odd production choices, Peach Boy Riverside is a difficult show to pigeonhole. Much like ONE’s One Punch Man, it first manifested as a web manga — written and drawn by Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid’s Coolkyousinnjya — later re-drawn for wider publication by manga artist Johanne. The anime adapts this second version, while also remixing the order of events. …

Angry alpaca girls FTW

What a tumultuous week this was, with the release of multiple highly-anticipated conclusions to some very prominent anime shows. With Megalobox 2: NOMAD, ODDTAXI, Shadows House, Higehiro, Fruits Basket and Wonder Egg Priority giving us endings wildly variable in quality, suffice to say I have a lot to talk about this time. You can find Part 1 of this season’s postmortem here, if you want to read my thoughts on Nagatoro-san, 86 EIGHTY-SIX, Vivy, and Dynazenon, among other shows.

Onwards to the ecstasy and exasperation!

Hinata Tachibana — Spring 2021’s Best Girl

The Spring 2021 anime season is almost over, and I can say with confidence that this has been the strongest season in a long time. It will be hard for me to rank so many great shows in order of preference, so this time I’ll write about the shows that have already concluded, and I’ll follow up next weekend with the shows that are due to conclude over the next 7 days.

Demonic schoolgirls, oh my

Spring 2021’s anime continues to overwhelm not just in terms of sheer quantity, but also unprecedented quality. There’s such a variety of excellent shows at the moment that surely even the most picky anime fan should find something to enjoy. Last time, I covered Funimation’s current roster, but today is Crunchyroll’s turn. I’ve watched no less than eleven Spring 2021 shows on Crunchyroll alone, which is more than I watch in total in some seasons.

This is Rengoku. Can you imagine what his elemental affinity might be? Hint — it’s not ice.

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15 months. It’s been that long since I last entered a cinema, to watch My Hero Academia The Movie: Heroes Rising. As much as I appreciate the deluge of high quality TV anime we’re currently blessed with, my first love remains cinema. There’s something extra special about the bright colours and loud sounds mixed with the social aspect of collective viewing and the focus that a darkened theatre brings to…

Vivy goes full Terminator in her Matsumoto-powered flying cube-mobile. It’s glorious.

After last season’s insanely packed roster, I swore that this time I’d reduce my anime burden significantly for Spring. That… didn’t exactly work out. I covered 23 shows last time, and so far I’m up to 19 for this season… Hence the reason I’m splitting my usual midseason article in two again. There’s just too much high quality anime out there. Crunchyroll has the lion’s share of notable shows this time (for once), but that’s not to say that some of Funimation’s offerings aren’t incredible.

Kate and Emilico, Ebony and Ivory, Eldritch Abomination and Unsuspecting Meat Puppet

This article is a part of AniTAY’s Spring 2021 Early Impressions series, where our authors offer their initial thoughts on the new, prominent, and exciting anime from this season!

Taking thematic cues from 1971 period drama Upstairs, Downstairs but moving the setting to a survival horror mansion and infusing its atmosphere with existential, Lovecraftian dread, Cloverworks’ Shadows House is a very strange show to quantify. Perhaps because of this nebulous quality, the anime fandom has more-or-less overlooked this fascinating production. Understandable, considering Spring 2021’s incredibly busy season.

Behold your new blue-haired robotic overlord. She’d like to sing for you now.

This article is a part of AniTAY’s Spring 2021 Early Impressions series, where our authors offer their initial thoughts on the new, prominent, and exciting anime from this season!

The oddly named Vivy: Fluorite Eye’s Song is essentially: What if Arnold Swarzenegger’s Terminator was a teddy bear who travelled back in time to prevent Westworld by recruiting Key the Metal Idol? This is the most anime time travel AI apocalypse story. …

If you subject yourself to as much anime in as short a time as I did this season, you too can develop Terrifying Red Anime Eyes of Doom

What an epic season that was. Never before have I felt compelled to watch so many currently streaming anime episodes. At a final count I watched 24 different shows, so no wonder I feel somewhat overwhelmed and burnt out now. I think I’ll take a break before leaping headfirst into Spring 2021’s upcoming delights.

Anyway, last time I screamed my way through the anime shows that weren’t so good, whereas this time, I feel everything was worth my time. Even then, I still never managed to find space for shows my fellow writers adored, like Non Non Biyori Nonstop, Back…

Time for a second diagnosis of terminal anime pathology. I hope you’re up to date on the previous study guide, Part 1 (here). Nurse Minene will test you later, and will be very unhappy with scores less than 100%.

As before, This article is heavily based on a thread begun by user Dai. Without his consent and creativity, this article could not have existed. Thanks also to the other users whose edited contributions comprise much of the following article, each are credited at the end of their respective sections.


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